Boston ferns (Nephrolepis exaltata) are possibly one of the easiest of the indoor ferns to grow. They are an elegant non toxic plant and looks great in a steamy bathroom!

This plant will arrive in a plastic pot suitable for hanging.

Please check delivery information before placing your order. Please note that as plants are living items, they may vary from the images shown and variations in colour and shape should be expected.

Boston Fern

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Keep the compost moist (but not waterlogged) at all times, but this can be cut back a little in winter, and place in a bright spot away from direct sunlight. These ferns love a humid atmosphere, so mist the leaves regularly with water and/or place the pot on pebbles in a tray filled with water. Maintain temperatures above 10°C in winter and avoid summer temperatures above 25°C. Repot in spring when the plant becomes root-bound.



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