This hanging pant is so striking and impressive with its beautiful green and red foliage. Whilst Rhipsalis looks and feels like a cactus it is actually from the rain forset so if you can imagine this plant growing in a humid jungle away from direct sun you will give ot the care it needs.


17cm pot 30cm long


Rhipsalis does not thrive in direct sunlight. Exposure to sun can burn the leaves. Water only when the top few inches of soil has dried out and reduce in the winter months


Please check delivery information before placing your order. Please note that as plants are living items, they may vary from the images shown and variations in colour and shape should be expected.

Rhipsalis Red Coral


Unusual for a cactus, it grows in partial shade to full shade. Do not place this plant in direct sunlight and place at least 50cm away from a window. Water regularly, but do not overwater, Check before watering by pressing your finger into the soil to a depth of half an inch. Postpone watering if the soil is moist. It is a good container plant.



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