Spathiphyllum Sensation more commonly know as Peace Lily, It’s adored for its dark-green, ribbed foliage and large, long-lasting, white flowers. You can expect Sensation specimens to reach upto 6 feet (But only once matured and repotted)


Spathiphyllum is known for its air purifying properties, research has shown that harmful gases are absorbed and broken down, the humidity is improved and made healthier by effectively to CO2 into oxygen.


Height: 40cm


Please check delivery information before placing your order. Please note that as plants are living items, they may vary from the images shown and variations in colour and shape should be expected.

Spathiphyllum Sensation (Peace Lily)


Spathiphyllum likes a moderate light or shady place, and certainly not from direct sunlight. The ideal temperature is between 15 and 23 ° C.

The soil should always be moist. About once a week to give a lot of water is usually sufficient. The plant may stand with his feet in a layer of water. For a healthy Spathiphyllum is recommended to once a month to add some plant food to the water.



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