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The Stranger (2005). Vikram plays the role of an . He is constantly stressed by his job. The . The Stranger (2005). Plot Komal, a young girl, loves to be in the hospital. Komal's grandfather is a doctor there, and Komal is still there during his off-hours. A ruffian named Vishal runs the hospital, and he has two main strategies to get what he wants: to play upon a weak doctor, Dr. Solanki, and to use Komal as leverage against Dr. Solanki. Vishal pays off Dr. Solanki to let him see Komal as often as he wishes, while telling the doctor that Komal is under his care. But Vishal's real objective is to have Komal's grandfather's position at the hospital. Komal's grandfather gives Komal the power to cure people. Komal uses this to get Vishal to pay the hospital's expenses, which is supposed to make the hospital an even better place. But Vishal is not satisfied. He uses Komal's power to cure some of the patients, but takes advantage of the cure to keep them dependent on him. Dr. Solanki's wife loses her position at the hospital. He is then pressured to stay out of the hospital for three days a week, but Vishal tells him to ignore the order and treat his patients. Vishal deliberately makes Dr. Solanki's situation worse, causing his wife to leave. Komal's grandfather then fires Dr. Solanki, and takes on Vishal as his successor. But Vishal doesn't take it well, and he becomes more and more ruthless. Vishal kidnaps Komal to force her grandfather to help him make his own position at the hospital. Dr. Solanki takes him to the police and tells them about Vishal's goons. Vishal then kills Dr. Solanki to keep him from testifying. Komal's grandfather begins to feel a sympathy for Vishal, as he himself was a victim at the beginning. He realizes that Vishal is not quite who he claims to be. He then tries to put together the clues he has, so he can get justice for his friend. He travels to Vishal's home, where he finds Komal, who is being held prisoner. He saves her, and she escapes, while he is kidnapped. He is later put to trial for the murders of Dr. Solank



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